1) Who was Chrome Dome?
Mr. Cooper
Mrs. Ford
Mr. Womack
Mr. Brookshire
2) Who was The Annual dedicated to
Mrs. Scott
Mr. Cook
Miss. Lamb
No one

3) Who was Class President
Graig Martin
Harry Glenny
Boyce Connell
Lyndon Johnson
4) Who was President of Student Council
Craig Martin
Ralph McMorris
Charlie Pritchett
Sheila Dickens

5) Most Friendly Girl
Sandra Reiley
Linda Semeli
Jane Hardy
Judy Bridges
6) Most Friend Boy
Ron Campbell
Dennis Bird
Larry Barfield
Kurt Down

7) Who Was Head Majorett
Kaye Ann Marotte
Brenda Hammond
Clara Harbin
Freddy Guy
8) Who Was Captain of Drill Team
Peggy Huie
Sandry Payton
Lynn Scoggins
Orrie Evans

9) What was the record of the Football team
12 - 2
13 - 1
10 - 0
1 - 12
10) What was Charlie Prichett's nick name
Mr. Touchdown
He didn't have one

11) Who was the hottest teacher?
Mrs. Potts
Miss. Lamb
Mrs. Scott
Miss. Blalock
12) What was the name of the head custodian?

13) Where was the place to buy beer?
Buddy's Barn
Dekalb Ave.
Happy Herman's
14) Which Coaches said ?If you don?t run this play right this time I?m going to plant my number ten square in the middle of your ass??
Shirey Lamb

15) The boycott organized in Campbell?s physics class was directed against?
Front hall bathroom
Cafeteria Food
The Parking Lot
Unified Field Theory
16) Mrs. Lallerstedt used to say in class
Everyone gets an A today.
Do not use that machine to divide by zero.
Well ain?t that a booger!
Pie are square

17) Mr. Cooper?s favorite tune to whistle was
1812 overture
When my baby walks down the street
Some enchanted evening
Toreador Song from Carmen
18) Midway Beauty Shop?s motto was:
We're not satisfied till you are
Big hair done here
Free estimates
If your hair isn't becoming to you, you should be coming to us!

19) Our cafeteria serving staff was?
Not required to wear hair nets.
Remove the straws from the ceiling every day
Were the hottest chicks in the house
Knew how to fry everything